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Terms & Conditions of Hire Please read these Terms and Conditions carefully. They are part of the agreement and contain legal obligations and liabilities of the hirer.​ The following Terms and Conditions apply to a private rental, self-drive marine holiday which requires the “hirer” to observe the special conditions applicable to holidays on, and navigation of, the UK’s Inland Waterways, and specifically pertinent to narrowboats. It is incumbent on the hirer to acknowledge the unique nature of this holiday, and to treat it as if they are engaged in any other form of special holiday activity. As such, you must make certain that you have full personal travel insurance, including cover for cancellation, medical and any of your potential liabilities as laid out in these Terms and Conditions. CONTENT: 1.0 BOOKING 2.0 PRICES/COSTS 3.0 PAYMENT 4.0 CONFIRMATION OF BOOKING 5.0 CANCELLATION 6.0 ARRIVAL & DEPARTURE 7.0 YOUR OBLIGATIONS 8.0 ACCIDENTS 9.0 INSURANCE 10.0 LIABILITY 11.0 BREACH OF CONTRACT 12.0 COMPANY REGULATION 13.0 PARKING Definitions: For the purpose of these terms and conditions, “NRU” means Narrowboats R Us Narrowboat Hire, “The Hirer” means the designated Skipper and lead hirer named on the Handover Certificate. Where there is more than one Hirer, they shall be individually responsible and liable under this agreement. ‘Hire fee’ is the cost of hiring a boat. ‘Booking deposit’ is 25% of the hire fee total. ‘Refundable Security Deposit’ is a sum of money (£350) held in trust by NRU for the duration of the hire period and refunded automatically within 7 (seven) days of the end of the hire period. ‘Hire Damage Fee’ is the equivalent of the Refundable Security Deposit, plus any other non-recoverable costs through either insurance or third parties, as a result of any damage to the boat incurred during the hire period. ​ 1. Booking 1.1. Bookings will be considered confirmed and binding once the completed and signed booking form has been received by NRU, together with a "Booking Deposit" of 25% of the "Hire Fee Total’. 1.2. NRU will hold a provisional booking (reserved) open for 7 (seven) days only. If we have not received the required Booking Deposit within 7 (seven) days, we reserve the right to cancel the booking. 1.3. You must be 21 years old or over to book a boat hire and there must be 2 (two) participating adults named on the booking form. Unfortunately, we are unable to accept bookings from single handed boaters, however experienced, due to insurance limitations. 1.4. Operating, entering and exiting the boat can be physically demanding at times and requires a level of physical ability. We will go through this in your tuition prior to handing the boat over to you to ensure you feel able to continue. PLEASE NOTE: The Hirer must make relevant enquiries at the time of booking should a member of your party have health problems which may affect them during the hire period, including, but not limited to: Mobility problems, Claustrophopbia, Aquaphobia. NRU will not be held liable for cancellations or interruptions to hires due to health problems and will be subject to clause 5 of these terms. 1.5. Due to the nature of our boats, and multiple users, we regret we cannot accommodate dogs or pets board our boats, 1.6. Where the selected boat has a ‘plus two’ provision, a convertible small double will be the extra bed facility. Where this facility is offered, children are welcome however the sleeping arrangements must be acceptable to the hirer. Children will be the sole responsibility of the adults on board and must be supervised at all times. Additional life jackets are available on request. 2. Prices / Costs 2.1. The "Hire Fee" is the total amount you must pay NRU to hire a boat for the duration of your booking. These are laid out on the website. NRU has a fixed price policy, to ensure that Hirers can enjoy boating whatever the season – i.e., we do not increase costs during peak / holiday seasons. 2.2. The "Hire Fee" is inclusive of secure parking, fuel, bed linen, towels, gas, toilet pump out, plus tuition on boat handling and safe navigation at the start of your holiday. Also included onboard, is a fully equipped inventory of essential catering equipment and kitchen and bathroom consumables. 2.3. A ‘Refundable Security Deposit’ of £350 (paid by card) must be paid to NRU in advance of the holiday (see para. 3.2). The Security Deposit is normally returned to the Hirer at the end of the holiday, but may be retained for the following reasons upon return: (a) Failure to return the boat to the departure point on time (except by prior arrangement). (b) Excessive breakages or missing inventory items. (c) Speeding fines or costs of damage to other boats due to speeding or dangerous cruising. (d) Malicious, negligent or intentional damage to the boat, its inventory, the waterways, other boats or structures. (e) Blockages to the toilet caused by misuse. (f) Return of the boat in an unclean condition. (g) Unauthorised removal of items listed on the boat inventory. (h) Where additional cleaning is required due to smoke (i) Loss of any of the keys supplied for your holiday (j) Where damage results in us requiring to make a claim on our insurance you will be liable for the excess charge. Should the Security Deposit not cover the costs incurred from any of the above, NRU reserves the right to claim the full cost of repairs, replacement and/or compensation from you. In this case you will be invoiced via email. 2.4. The ‘Total Price’ payable to confirm a booking is the sum of the Hire Fee plus any requested extras e.g., late return of boat etc. The Total Price will also include the Refundable Security Deposit. 2.5. The bank fees for money transfers for international bookings shall be the responsibility of the Hirer and NRU shall not be liable for currency exchange rates. The hirer must ensure that that the correct amount in GBP is paid after any fees are added by the bank. 2.6. It is the hirer’s responsibility to arrange travel to our base at Fenny Compton. NRU shall not be liable for any losses due to travel delays. You must inform NRU as soon as possible to inform us of any delay to your arrival so we can arrange to meet you at another time, this will depend on our availability. 3. Payment 3.1. A payment of 25% of the Hire Fee is payable at the point of booking (the "Deposit"). The Deposit shall be treated as part payment towards the total price payable and once paid will be subtracted from the remaining Hire Fee total. 3.2. The remaining balance of 75% of the Hire Fee, as well as the Refundable Security Deposit, must be paid at least 8 (eight) weeks before the date on which your holiday is due to start. If your holiday begins less than 8 (eight) weeks from the date that the booking is made, both the Hire Fee and the Refundable Security Deposit are payable in full at the time of booking. 3.3. All payments are due upon receipt of any invoice and paid within 7 days, in accordance with all terms and conditions of payment contained herein. NRU invoices will provide the hirer with options to pay by Debit or Credit Card or Bank Transfer. Any questions, please give us a call on 07376136106 or 07496344875. 3.4. In the event that full payment of the Hire Fee is not received in accordance with paragraphs 3.2. above, NRU will issue a default notice giving the hirer a 7 (seven) day grace period to settle. In the event the Hirer fails to make this final payment, NRU will issue a cancellation form, and the 25% Deposit will be forfeited. 4. Confirmation of Booking 4.1. The Confirmation of Booking is a contract between you and NRU which confirms the details of your chosen holiday including dates, costs, fees and payment schedule. 4.2. Once a Confirmation of Booking has been issued to you by NRU, you are responsible for making payment in accordance with the paragraphs terms and conditions contained herein. 4.3. If after receiving your Confirmation of Booking you wish to change the dates of your booking, NRU will make reasonable endeavours to facilitate this (subject to availability). 5. Cancellation 5.1. If you cancel the booking giving NRU at least 8 (eight) weeks’ notice in writing, subject to confirmation of receipt by NRU, a cancellation form will be issued, and your 25% Deposit will be refunded. 5.2. In the event of cancellation after full payment has been received and therefore less than 8 (eight) weeks but more than 4 (four) weeks before the date on which the holiday is due to start, a cancellation form will be issued, and you will forfeit 50% of the Hire Fees. The remaining 50% balance plus the security deposit will be refunded. 5.3. Any cancellations made less than 4 (four) weeks before the start of the holiday will forfeit the full Hire Fees, excluding the security deposit, which will be returned in full. 5.4. In the event the Hirer elects to leave the boat part way through the hire period, the Hirer will remain liable for the full hire cost, plus any further costs or losses to NRU as a result of the boat not being returned to Fenny Compton. You will be notified by email of additional charges once we have obtained the boat, returned it to Fenny Compton and completed our checks. 5.5. If your holiday cannot take place as a result of government closures, you will be offered a deferred date of the same duration. ​ 6. Arrival and Departure 6.1. All holidays are deemed to start and finish at Fenny Marina, Fenny Compton, Southam. At the discretion of NRU, variations to pick up and return may be applied: *Occasionally due to canal closures and other factors beyond NRU control, your holiday may require to start/end at an alternative location on the canal. We will notify you of this in advance or the time we receive knowledge of such factors. **Transport from/to Fenny Compton can be arranged in these circumstances. 6.2. Boarding time is from 09.00am to 11.00am on the day of arrival. You must advise NRU if for any reason your arrival time will be delayed by more than 1 (one) hour. (Tel: 07376 136106). 6.3. The boat must be returned to the point of departure on time, undamaged and in a clean and tidy condition by 11.00 am on the designated last day of your holiday. We ask you plan ahead on your return journey, to fulfil the time obligations on the day of return, as any delay affects the next booking arrival time and may have a negative impact on another customer's holiday. Failure to return by 11.00am will automatically incur charges as follows: 1 hour - £35 2 hours - £75 3 hours - £150 However, pre-arranged late returns may be agreed at a cost of £25 per hour, up to a maximum of 3 (three) hours. 7. Your Obligations 7.1. For your safety, to comply fully with all prevailing inland waterway authorities and regulations, and to meet the terms of the marine insurance carried by NRU, you (and all other members of your party) must agree to these terms and to the following conditions of hire: (a) To read the various documents / links below prior to the start of your holiday: (a) In line with the above documents, you must agree to the following terms and conditions of hire: (b) Not to exceed the canal speed limit of 4mph, or travel at a speed which creates a wash that breaks on the bank. (c) To slow right down to 'tick-over' when passing moored boats. (d) Not to cruise between sunset and sunrise. (e) Not to operate the boat after consuming excessive amounts of alcohol. It is considered an offence to be drunk in charge of any boat on the waterways. (f) To observe and comply with all applicable Canal and River Trust by-laws and regulations. (g) To always act responsibly and safely, and to always follow the guidance and advice provided by NRU, at handover, on boat handling and safe navigation. (h) To notify NRU immediately in the event of any accident, breakdown or damage sustained to the boat in any way whatsoever. (i) To always observe safe practice, including (whenever possible) not to walk/climb along the side sills of boat, but to pass through the boat interior if wanting to move position from the front to the back. (j) To be respectful and considerate to other boat users, and members of the public using or living by the waterways. (k) To ensure that the boat is always locked and secured whenever it is being left unattended during your holiday. (l) To ensure that the tiller and tiller pin are removed and put inside the boat whenever you leave the boat, and/or moor up at night. (m) Not to smoke or use vape products inside the boat. (n) Not to bring flammable or otherwise hazardous substances on board the boat, e.g., barbecues, petrol or any other flammable liquid, calor gas appliances. (o) Not to part with possession of the boat, or share it, except with members of the party registered on the booking form and handover certificate. (p) Not to exceed the maximum number of people the boats are designed to sleep i.e., England’s Glory 2 – 4 persons: Thyme to Heal – 2 persons. (q) Not to bring live fishing bait on the boat. (r) Not to sell or transfer the booking. (s) Not to bring or use your own electrical appliances or equipment which have not been approved for use on the boat by NRU. The use of chargers for mobile phones, portable audio devices or laptop computers, are permitted. Multiple USB charging facilities are provided onboard. Please note that a boat-friendly hairdryer is provided, we ask that you do not use your own. (t) To take good care of the boat and leave it in a clean and tidy condition upon return to the reasonable satisfaction of an NRU handover staff member. (u) To ensure that all kitchen equipment is washed and put away in the cupboards provided. (v) To permit representatives of NRU reasonable access to the boat at any time during the holiday. (w) To return the boat to the point of departure by 11.00am on the last day of your holiday. It is the hirer’s responsibility to allow enough time to ensure a prompt return. Failure to return by 11.00am will automatically incur charges as follows: 1 hour - £35 2 hours - £75 3 hours - £150 These conditions will be strictly enforced in the interest of subsequent hirer's of the boat, whose holiday would be adversely affected. If unforeseen circumstances arise and you must leave your holiday early and are unable to return the boat to departure point, you must arrange with us the collection of your keys, and subsequently the Hirer will be liable for any costs or losses that arise from this and will be invoiced separately. (x) To ensure that all items listed in the boats inventory (hyperlink to our boats inventory) are present when your holiday commences, and returned to the place in good, clean, working condition when returning the boat. Any discrepancies, damage or breakages must be reported to NRU at the end of your holiday when the boat is returned to NRU handover staff, to avoid being charged for. Costs for replacement / repair will be taken out of the Security Deposit, and invoices will be issued to the Hirer for any further costs not covered by the Security Deposit. (y) Not to bring bicycles on to the boat. (z) Not to part possession with the boat overnight 7.2. If you fail to comply fully with any of these obligations, NRU reserve the right to treat this as a breach of contract. 7.3. Where any of these obligations are breached resulting in additional costs being incurred by NRU, these costs will be passed on to you the Hirer and you will become liable to reimburse NRU in full within seven working days of receiving such notification. In these rare circumstances, NRU will issue a 'Hire Damage liability Form', documenting the damage, and costs incurred. The hirer will then be liable for the 'Hire Damage Fee'. 8. Accidents 8.1. You must call 999 in a life-threatening emergency; it is your responsibility to keep track of your location during the holiday. In order to help you know exactly where you are at any given time, we advise the Hirer to download the ‘what3words’ app onto their mobile telephone. 8.2. If you are concerned about the health of anyone in your party 111 can be used for non-life-threatening situations. 8.3. In the event of any accident involving a member of your crew or our boat, you must contact NRU on (Tel: 07376 136106 or 07496 344875) immediately with the information below: (a) Details of any other boats involved: (including boat names and index number, where shown.) (b) Names and addresses of all persons involved and any witnesses. (c) Full details of the accident including the location, date and time, actions taken and damage caused. (d) Where possible, provide photographic evidence of any damage to the boat(s), or property, and of the immediate area where the incident occurred. PLEASE NOTE: You must not admit liability under any circumstances. 8.2. If you are a witness to any other accident not involving our boat, you should still advise NRU as soon as possible. 8.3. NRU cannot be held liable for un-fulfilment of your holiday due to health related incidents, the hirer will be liable for costs or losses to NRU in these rare situations. However, the extent of this will be at the discretion of NRU and in light of the circumstances. 9. Insurance 9.1. NRU provides insurance cover against loss of or damage to the boat, our equipment, and against public liability claims. 9.2. NRU reserves the right to charge the Hirer for malicious, negligent, or intentional damage (See para 2.3.). NRU shall not be liable for any consequential losses, loss of profits or indirect losses. 9.3. NRU insurance does not cover a hirer in any way beyond the boat. 10. Liability 10.1. NRU cannot accept liability for matters arising beyond NRU's reasonable control: (a) death, illness or personal injury of Hirers, their crew or passengers. (b) Loss or damage to your property (including, but not limited to baggage, motor vehicles etc.) (c) non-fulfilment or interruption of the booking (d) delays, breakdowns, mechanical problems (e) restrictions on cruising, repairs to waterways, non-availability of routes (f) acts of nature (including, but not limited to storms, floods, shortages of water, ice and other weather conditions.) (g) in respect of any accident, loss, damage, costs, injury, expense or any other inconvenience or claim for compensation whatsoever. 11. Breach of Contract 11.1. If there is a material breach of any of these conditions by the Hirer, then NRU reserves the right to repossess the boat at any time. In the event of this happening, the Hirer will remain liable for the full cost and no refund of any sums paid to NRU will be returnable to you. 12. Company Regulation 12.1. NRU reserves the right to refuse to hand over a boat to any person who, in its opinion, is not suitable to take charge of the boat. In the event of this happening, NRU will reimburse the total Hire Fee minus the 25% booking deposit within seven days. You will have no further claim against NRU. 12.2. If the boat shall for some reason becomes unavailable before the date on which your holiday commences, NRU will notify you as soon as practically possible, and will offer an alternative date or a full refund. You will have no further claim against NRU. *Refunds for government closures are unavailable, you will be offered a deferred date which will then be subject to our usual cancellation policy. 13.3. If the boat is damaged or suffers a breakdown during your holiday which was not through your negligence and cannot be rectified within 24 hours of being reported to the company, the holiday will end. In this unlikely event, NRU will refund you on a pro-rata basis for each full day of your remaining holiday, from the point that you notified NRU, or if you wish, rebook a future holiday to include your remaining days plus a discount of 10 % on the total of the new holiday. You will have no further claim against NRU. 13.4. NRU may amend these Terms and Conditions of Hire at any time. An updated copy will be sent to you via email and hard copy. 13. Parking 13.1. Secure parking is available at Fenny Marina. However, neither the Marina or NRU can accept any responsibility for loss, nor damage caused to your vehicle or its contents whilst parked.

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